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If you are not selling online, you are lagging behind and losing precious opportunities. As you know, online shopping is the new customer’s norm. And, you must have heard from time to time experts and fellow business owners praising it. Also, they talk about how it is easy to start selling in the virtual market. While that is true, there are several things they do not disclose to you. Among them is that you must have an attractive website to woo customers.

Whether you’re using a paid or a free e-commerce website template, you must ensure it aligns with what you are selling. Poor theme selection or a mismatch will lead to reduced sales. So, if you’re searching for a beautiful free template for your online store, here are the top four you need to consider:

New store template

The New store is a template that fits all niches. Whether you are launching a store to sell fashions, cosmetics, or electronics, this template can work for you. All you need is to customize it according to your needs. Also, the template works well with the standard browsers. It also enables you to customize your site for various computing device screens.

Hence, it has a high compatibility level. However, the template appears simple which may make your online store unattractive. Nevertheless, it comes with a pack of tools and features to enable you to attract customers and brand your business effectively.

Luxury furnish template

Are you looking for a free e-commerce website template for your online furniture store? Well, relax now. Luxury furnish is a top template that is available for free. The template employs a design fitted for furniture selling. As the name suggests, Luxury Furnish template is perfect for people selling luxurious furniture.

The good thing about Luxury Furnish template is that it allows you to customize your background images. Also, it comes with an array of product pages designed for luxury displays. Hence, with this free template, you are sure that you will attract and convince customers. So, this is a good idea for you if you are in the process of creating an online store to sell furniture.

Markito free template

As you know, your template must match the products you are selling. You cannot sell professional services, yet you are using a playful template. The opposite is also exact. Markito is a free e-commerce website template designed for stores dealing with children and teens products. It has a playful touch that matches well with children and teens attributes.

However, if you want to adopt the touch when dealing with older person products, the template is also a good choice. It has an array of elements that can help you to tweak it according to your needs. This way, you can give your online store an outstanding and attractive appearance. Hence, if your goal is to provide a playful touch to your customers, Markito is the best choice.

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Luxury watches template

Imagine you are selling luxury items yet your site appears cheap. Do you think customers will buy them? The chances are that you won’t make a sale. To avoid embarrassment, Luxury watches can be a perfect choice.

This free e-commerce templates for the online store is designed for luxury product sellers. The template comes with structures and features that give your customers a luxurious sense. Also, you do not have to struggle to prove to your customers. They can feel the luxuriousness of your store even before login to your product pages.

In a word, if you are looking forward to a beautiful free e-commerce website template for your store, we recommend you to check out Shopify’s website builder, since Shopify has a theme store that includes over 100 free and premium professionally designed ecommerce website templates, and much more features to create a beautiful and fully-featured store, so do not wait any longer and go check it out, click on https://shopify.com/tour/ecommerce-website.